Space Taxi Pilot & Grandmother Penny will soon rock the space!!!

Burger from Space are Yummi!

Little break…

Space Cab


  • Saturn Main Station – 37 $
  • Jackie’s Night Club on Galatea (near Neptun) – 55$
  • Lunas Diner on Moon (near Earth) – 42 $

Space Taxi Stand Animation Sketch

Ed sandals

Ed clothes and safetyvest variations

Ed likes lollypop

Ed – the cheaf

Future glasses

Bobby – the robot guy – concept

Space Taxi Emblem

Space Taxi Pilot Sketch

A Long Time Ago…, How it all starts Bla Bla, or the beginning

With this picture it all beginns. One year ago i had that cool idea of an american style diner on the moon and this was my first attempt. Some month later i decided to make a shortfilm out of this.